Scented Tranquility Assortment - Fresh Flowers
Scented Tranquility Assortment - Fresh Flowers

Scented Tranquility Assortment - Fresh Flowers

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Introducing the "Scented Tranquility Assortment" – a luxurious blend of delicate blooms and soothing scents curated to evoke a sense of peace and serenity. This exquisite ensemble features a harmonious combination of Latte Roses, White Roses, Artificial Anthurium, Pampas Beige, Green Eucalyptus, and Light of Sakina White Onyx Misbaha, accompanied by the delicate fragrance of Light of Sakina Barakat Attar.

Flowers: The Scented Tranquility Assortment showcases the soft and calming hues of Latte Roses and White Roses, complemented by the unique texture of Artificial Anthurium and the gentle sway of Pampas Beige. The addition of Green Eucalyptus adds a fresh and invigorating touch, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Fragrance: Elevating this assortment is the delicate scent of Light of Sakina Barakat Attar, a fragrant blend that envelops the senses in tranquility and peace. Its subtle yet captivating aroma adds an extra layer of sensory delight to the ensemble. White Onyx Misbaha
Baraka Attar 20ml

Size: Le Maxi Presented in Le Maxi size, the Scented Tranquility Assortment features 12 to 15 stems of carefully selected blooms and greenery. This size is ideal for creating a stunning centerpiece or accentuating the ambiance of any space with its beauty and calming presence.

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