Mukassarat Mix Dates Assortment

Mukassarat Mix Dates Assortment

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Introducing the "Mukassarat Mix Dates Assortment" – a delightful fusion of elegant blooms and gourmet treats, curated to indulge the senses and elevate any occasion. This exquisite ensemble features a mix of Latte and White Roses, complemented by lush Eucalyptus, artificial Anthurium, and Pampas Beige, alongside the delectable Mukassarat Mix Dates.

Flowers: The Mukassarat Mix Dates Assortment boasts a captivating blend of Latte and White Roses, exuding sophistication and charm. The addition of lush Eucalyptus, artificial Anthurium, and Pampas Beige adds texture and depth to the arrangement, creating a visual masterpiece that captivates the senses.

Mukassarat Mix Dates: Elevating this ensemble is the inclusion of Mukassarat Mix Dates, a gourmet treat that adds a delightful touch of sweetness to the arrangement. Each date is carefully selected for its quality and flavor, offering a rich and indulgent experience that complements the floral beauty. 0.90kg, Size of Box 23x15x4, Dates with Walnut,Cashew,Pistacio,Pecan,Hazelnut.


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