Mocha Majesty Bouq - Fresh Flowers

Mocha Majesty Bouq - Fresh Flowers

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Introducing the "Mocha Majesty Bouquet" – a captivating ensemble that exudes elegance and sophistication with its rich blend of Latte and White Roses, complemented by White Hydrangeas, Matthiolas, Green Skimmia, and Dried Eucalyptus. Available in four sizes, this bouquet is designed to elevate any occasion with its majestic beauty.

Flowers: The Mocha Majesty Bouquet features a luxurious selection of blooms, including Latte and White Roses that evoke warmth and charm. The addition of White Hydrangeas and Matthiolas adds depth and texture to the arrangement, while Green Skimmia and Dried Eucalyptus provide a touch of natural elegance.

Size Options:

  • Le Medium: 15 - 18 Stems
  • Le Grand: 20 - 24 Stems
  • Le Maxi: 28 - 33 Stems
  • Le Luxi: 35 - 40 Stems

Choose the size that best suits your preferences and the occasion, whether you're looking for a modest yet stunning bouquet or a lavish display that makes a grand statement.

Indulge in the beauty of the Mocha Majesty Bouquet and add a touch of majesty to your celebrations, from intimate gatherings to grand events. With its rich colors and exquisite blooms, this bouquet is sure to leave a lasting impression of elegance and refinement.

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