Red Beauty - Infinity Roses

Red Beauty - Infinity Roses

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Introducing Grace's "Red Beauty - Infinity Roses," a timeless expression of passion and elegance. This captivating arrangement features:

  • Infinity Roses: Rich and velvety, these preserved red roses symbolize enduring love and romance, offering everlasting beauty and sentiment.
  • Dried Flowers: Delicately intertwined with the roses, dried flowers add texture and depth to the arrangement, enhancing its enchanting allure with their natural charm.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit your preferences:

  • Le Medium (5-6 Stems): A petite yet striking arrangement, perfect for conveying heartfelt sentiments or as a charming accent for intimate spaces.
  • Le Grand (10-11 Stems): Above Image A grand display of passion and romance, ideal for making a bold statement in larger settings or as a centerpiece for special occasions.
  • Le Maxi (15-16 Stems): An opulent showcase of timeless elegance, commanding attention and admiration with its abundance of exquisite blooms.
  • Le Luxi (18-20 Stems): The epitome of luxury and sophistication, this lavish arrangement exudes passion and allure, perfect for the most discerning recipients or extravagant celebrations.

Grace's "Red Beauty - Infinity Roses" is more than a bouquet; it's a symbol of enduring love and unwavering devotion. Elevate your space with the timeless charm of Grace's infinity roses, where each bloom tells a story of everlasting romance and enchantment.

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