Seasonal Blooms: The Best Flowers For Each Time Of Year

Welcome to the Black and Blanc Fleur guide to seasonal flowers! As a premier luxury flower boutique, we understand the importance of using the freshest blooms for our exquisite floral arrangements.
The UAE's warm climate means we can enjoy beautiful flowers almost year-round. However, certain varieties truly thrive during particular seasons. Read on for tips on the best blooms to decorate your home or gift to loved ones each month.

The Importance of Knowing Seasonal Flowers

Understanding bloom seasons allows you to make informed choices when designing with flowers. Knowing what is naturally available at a given time of year ensures your arrangements showcase the freshest, most beautiful stems sourced at their peak.

  • Maximizing Flower Quality: Flowers harvested in season boast vivid color and abundant fragrance.
  • Honoring Nature's Rhythms: Appreciating seasonal flowers allows you to honor the natural cycles of growth and dormancy governing all plants.
  • Inspiring Creativity: Designing within nature's changing palette keeps floral artists inspired. The transient beauty of seasonal flowers urges innovation - finding new ways to unlock each bloom's potential before it is gone.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: Sourcing local, seasonal flowers reduces the resources needed to house or import blooms from afar in opposite seasons.
  • Minimizing Expenses: Flowers naturally bloom in cycles each year. When variety exceeds demand, prices fall accordingly.

Spring Season Flowers


Spring brings warmer days and the awakening of dormant plants. Vibrant wildflowers carpet the desert while gardens burst into color. Popular spring blooms include:

March seasonal flowers

  • Orchids: One of spring's most luxurious flowers. Their delicate blooms epitomize elegance.
  • Hyacinths: These fragrant flowers fill rooms with their sweet perfume. Perfect in vases or hand-tied bouquets.
  • Ranunculus: Layer vibrant ranunculus with roses for stunning spring arrangements.
  • Anemones: Sophisticated blooms with a contrasting black center. They dazzle in posh presentations.

April seasonal flowers

  • Tulips: Nothing says spring like cheerful tulips. We adore pairing them with protea for a vibrant display.
  • Sweet Pea: Dainty sweet pea blooms beautifully in April. We love to incorporate their gorgeous fragrance into posies.
  • Calla Lilies: With thick stems and a unique shape, white callas epitomize modern minimalism.

May seasonal flowers

  • Peonies: Every luxury flower lover adores peonies. The blooms are lush and utterly romantic.
  • Irises: From vivid purples to soft creams, irises lend rich color to May arrangements.
  • Roses: No luxury flower selection is complete without timeless roses. Our boutique offers over 30 rare varieties.

Summer Season Flowers in the UAE


As temperatures climb in the summer months, vibrant tropical varieties take center stage:

June seasonal flowers

  • Lotus: This ancient bloom symbolizes purity and grace in Arabic culture. Its scent is as lovely as its exquisite form.
  • Jasmine: The national flower of the Philippines thrives in summer. Jasmine's sweet perfume captivates the senses.
  • Hibiscus: Tropical hibiscus makes a vibrant statement. Their bold colors and prominent stamens add drama.

July seasonal flowers

  • Orchids: Summertime yields even more orchid varieties to appreciate, like eye-catching cymbidiums.
  • Birds of Paradise: Named for their unique shape, these beauties make excellent gifts or table focal points.
  • Sunflowers: What says summer is better than a gorgeous sunflower? We adore pairing their joyful color with roses.

August seasonal flowers

  • Hydrangea: Let hydrangea steal the summer scene with its lush, full blooms and range of fantastic hues.
  • Lisianthus: Often mistaken for roses, these posh summer blooms have an utterly refined elegance.
  • Dahlias: As summer winds down, dahlias hit their peak in a fantastic range of forms and colors.

Autumn Flowers in the UAE


Even during cooler months, the UAE climate allows for ample floral variety:

September seasonal flowers

  • Roses: We offer exclusive luxury rose varieties perfect for autumn. Burgundy, coral, and apricot hues rule this season.
  • Dahlias: If you think summer dahlias are lovely, wait until you see autumn showstoppers like Café au Lait and Kelvin Floodlight.
  • Chrysanthemums: These posh pom poms come in fantastic shades like chestnut, amber, and ginger for fall.

October seasonal flowers

  • Celosia (Cockscomb): The unique, fiery celosia plumes add drama to autumn decor.
  • Amaranthus: Sometimes called "love lies bleeding," amaranthus vines lend a rich crimson color.
  • Orchids: Fall sees iconic moth orchids bloom to light up arrangements.

November seasonal flowers

  • Anthuriums: Heart-shaped beauties thrive in November, perfect for adding bold texture.
  • Gerbera Daisies: Available year-round, cheerful Gerberas uplift autumn with pops of bright color.
  • Hypericum Berries: For unique autumn accents, add hypericum berries. Their jewel tones and crisp form intrigue.

Winter Flowers in the UAE


While many regions endure icy winters, the UAE climate stays moderate, allowing for floral variety all season long:

December seasonal flowers

  • Amaryllis: Festive red flowers are perfect Christmas accents in the UAE winter.
  • Paperwhites: For effortless elegance, paperwhite narcissus blooms without soil or sunlight indoors.
  • Poinsettias: No flower says "Happy holidays" quite like the poinsettia. We adore complementing their color with white roses.

January seasonal flowers

  • Ranunculus: While ranunculus wanes worldwide, winter yields abundant blooms in the UAE.
  • Anemones: Layer vibrant anemones with amaryllis for a stellar start to the new year.
  • Hyacinths: Revisit spring's beloved hyacinths for a gorgeous winter fragrance.

February seasonal flowers

  • Cymbidium Orchids: Showy cymbidium sprays excel as luxurious February gifts or as the ultimate Galentine's bouquet.
  • Irises: These regal blooms inspire awe with intricate patterns and refined form.
  • Tulips: Usher in the spring by gifting elegant tulips in breathtaking colors.

Tips for Styling Seasonal Flowers

One of the joys of fresh seasonal flowers is finding creative ways to incorporate them into your home decor or gifting. At Black and Blanc Fleur, we believe every bloom tells a unique story. Let your flowers shine by displaying them in inspired arrangements that enhance their innate beauty.

Spring Flower Styling Inspiration

The vibrant colors and sweet scents of spring lend themselves beautifully to all flower-arranging styles.

Cheerful Spring Centerpieces

Welcome spring to your next dinner party with a gorgeous centerpiece display. Opt for a low ceramic bowl filled with a meadow of ranunculus, anemones, and roses for a relaxed yet refined aesthetic. Create abundant height with tulips, irises, and lilacs in a clear glass vase for more drama.

Bright Spring Bouquets

Hand-tied posies make perfect spring gifts. Style mixed blooms like sweet peas, stocks, lilacs, and lilies of the valley en masse for a joyful, organic sensibility. For something more structured, gift a dear friend calla lilies and orchids arranged in a modern glass cube.

Whimsical Spring Wreaths

Give your front door a warm spring welcome with a wreath abundant in season. Style grape hyacinths, pansies, and freesia together for an utterly charming entrance display.

Summer Flower Inspiration

The vibrant colors and exotic allure of tropical summer blooms lend endless creative potential.

Tropical Summer Centerpieces

Use birds of paradise, protea, and orchids to craft a stunning urn arrangement for true summer whimsy. Mix heights, shapes, and colors for visual interest. Or keep it sweet and simple with a low bowl filled only with garden roses for a romantic ambiance.

Bright Summer Bouquets

Treat someone sunshiny to a mixed bouquet of Gerbera daisies, marigolds, zinnias, or sunflowers for instant joy. For refined luxury, find inspiration in royal occasions by gifting someone special a bouquet styled after Meghan Markle's cascade arrangement, complete with jasmine and sweet peas.

Resort-Style Summer Wreaths

Bring the spirit of an island escape home with a summery wreath crafted from exotic orchids, palms, and hibiscus blooms. For added coastal character, accent with starfish, sand dollars, or seashells.

Autumn Flower Inspiration

Lay the vibrant foundation for cozy autumn gatherings with inspired flower arrangements in rich seasonal hues.

Warm Autumn Centerpieces

Welcome guests to autumn fêtes with a stunning urn packed with dahlias, celosia, chrysanthemums, and vines. For intimate dinner parties, please keep it simple yet abundant; create a low-lying color with a ceramic bowl full of gerbera daisies.

Elegant Autumn Bouquets

Nothing makes someone feel unique quite like a hand-delivered bouquet. Gift dear friends anthiriums, roses, and hypericum berries styled in a satin-wrapped cone. Or, for entirely bespoke bouquets, consult our expert floral concierge team.

Textured Autumn Wreaths

Accent your autumn front door with a one-of-a-kind wreath. Arrange vibrant sunflowers, sedums, dried peppers, and ornamental kale for boho allure. Or showcase autumn's rich elegance with a traditional presentation of roses, mums, and amaranthus vines.

Winter Flower Inspiration

Winter blooms' elegant colors and textures lend themselves beautifully to cozy, intimate arrangements.

Festive Winter Centerpieces

Welcome winter with gorgeous centerpieces featuring seasonal favorites like amaryllis, poinsettias, paperwhites, and winter roses. Style blooms in mercury glass vases or natural baskets for organic texture. Add warm candlelight for a cozy winter glow.

Fragrant Winter Bouquets

Nothing chases away winter chills better than a fresh, fragrant bouquet. Style sweetly scented freesia, hyacinths, lilies, and tuberoses with eucalyptus and evergreens for crisp, revitalizing arrangements.

Natural Winter Wreaths

Celebrate the return of nature's evergreen foliage with a lush winter wreath. Incorporate fragrant rosemary, pine, cedar trimmings, dried seed pods, and orchid stems for a unique texture and an aromatic welcome.

Seasonal Flowers for Special Occasions


Beyond weddings, seasonal flowers help celebrate many special occasions in the UAE. Their stunning arrangements uniquely capture the spirit of each event.

Seasonal Flowers for EID Celebrations

Florals play a unique role during Eid festivities. Gift ornate flower leis called gulal or ethereal orchid strands to family, friends, and colleagues. Present elders and respected mentors with elegant baskets of seasonal roses.

Seasonal Flowers for New Beginnings

New homes and offices deserve special floral blessings to inspire positive new beginnings. During spring, gift new homeowners or businesses fragrant hyacinths and cheerful ranunculus. In winter, amaryllis and cymbidium orchids make stellar housewarming presents.

Seasonal Flowers for Baby Showers

Welcome new babies to the family with playful arrangements featuring seasonal spring blooms like tulips, lilacs, or sweet peas. Opt for soft pink and blue palettes or cheery pastels accented with roses in pink or ivory for baby girl and baby boy themes.

Seasonal Flowers for Hospitality Gifting

Make VIP guests and luxury travelers feel pampered with elegant floral gifts featuring seasonal varieties available during their stay. In summer, exotic orchids are present. Opt for elegant arrangements crafted from freshly imported peonies or roses for a winter welcome.

The Allure of Seasonal Flowers

We hope this guide has shed light on the wonderful world of seasonal flowers. Honor seasonal flowers by gifting them in their fleeting moment of peak beauty, and find creative ways to weave them into your decor or celebrations when they shine brightest. Their ephemeral nature makes enjoying these blooms all the more precious.

At Black and Blanc Fleur, our passion is unlocking the stunning potential of every stem. Contact our designer concierge team today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our exclusive luxury flowers imported from around the globe.