Looking After Forever Roses: A Comprehensive Guide

Roses are like Mother Nature's precious jewels. Their heavenly fragrance delights the senses. Sadly, traditional rose bouquets wither too quickly.

Not so with forever roses. These luxurious blooms go through a special process to preserve their fresh-picked look indefinitely. Forever roses are 100% real rose flowers - not artificial fakes. Their lavish beauty lasts a lifetime with basic care.

This guide shares the easy tips for keeping your eternal roses dazzling year after year. Surround yourself with roses that never age, never wilt, never fade. 

What Are Forever Roses?

Forever roses are actual rose blooms specially treated to stay fresh and gorgeous forever. Through a unique process, the roses maintain their lush petals, vivid colors and genuine velvety softness year after year.

  1. It starts by carefully dehydrating the roses when they reach their absolute prime beauty and vibrant color. This extracts every drop of moisture from within.
  2. Next, a special glycerin solution is used to rehydrate and nourish the flowers from the inside out. This natural plant extract mimics the rose's sap, keeping it supple and life-like.
  3. The final step imbues the preserved blooms with rich, long-lasting color. But no harsh chemical dyes are used - only gentle, plant-based pigments. 

This ensures a breathtaking range of shades from classic reds to fancy blues, all while retaining an authentic roses' hue and texture.

How Do They Last This Long?

With some basic upkeep, your luxurious forever roses will stay splendid for one to three years on average. Many blossom displays even remain pristine for four or five years!

Preservation techniques get better all the time. This allows the eternal roses to retain their fresh, just-bloomed look for longer than ever before. 

Forever Roses vs. Dried Roses: Key Differences


Both forever roses and dried roses start as fresh-cut flowers. But their paths diverge from there. Forever roses get treated to stay lush, colorful and soft - just like the day they bloomed. Dried roses simply get...well, dried out.

With forever roses, a special solution replaces the internal moisture. This glycerin mixture keeps every velvet petal supple and vibrant for years. The pretty pigments remain bold and brilliant.

Dried roses just have their moisture removed through air drying or other methods. So while they last longer than fresh-cut buds, the petals turn stiff and crispy. The vivid colors fade too.

Other key differences include:

  • Forever roses retain their vivid colors, while dried roses tend to fade over time.
  • Dried roses are more delicate and prone to breaking, while forever roses maintain their structural integrity.
  • Forever roses typically cost more due to the intricate solution process involved in their preservation.
  • Drying roses at home is a simpler and more cost-effective method, but it does not achieve the same level of preservation as forever roses.

How to Care for Forever Roses

To ensure your luxurious forever roses retain their breathtaking beauty for years, follow these easy care tips.

Keep Forever Roses Indoors

display them indoors only. Outside elements like harsh sunlight, temperature swings, moisture, wind and dirt can damage the delicate blooms over time. Inside is best.

Choose the Right Spot

Find a spot with mild, consistent temperatures year-round. Avoid direct sunlight, heating vents, fireplaces or cold drafts. Living rooms, bedrooms and low-traffic areas work perfectly.

Don't Water

Never water or mist your everlasting roses. The special solution inside hydrates them completely. Added moisture can lead to mold or structural issues. Just enjoy them as-is.

Avoid Harsh Lighting

Intense, bright lights commonly found in office settings can be detrimental to preserved roses. The heat and intensity of these lights can dry out and crack the delicate petals. Position your forever rose arrangements away from harsh overhead lighting, and opt for low-level desk lamps instead of overhead fluorescents when displaying them in an office environment.

Dust Lightly

Every few months, give the pretty petals a gentle dusting. Use a soft cloth or brush designed for fragile florals. Lightly sweep off any buildup without excessive pressure.

Don't Use Direct Cleaners or Mists

Don't use cleaners or scented sprays on your forever roses. Chemicals and added moisture isn't good for their delicate makeup. Just keep it simple.

Handle with Care

Forever roses, though preserved, retain their delicate nature. Petals, stems, and leaves are sensitive and can break if handled roughly. When moving or transporting arrangements, handle them with extreme care, supporting the vase or base using both hands. Avoid touching the petals or stems directly to prevent accidental damage.

Keep in Original Packaging/Display


Most quality arrangements come in lovely protective globes or boxes. Leave them in the original display - it's designed to preserve perfection.

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

And of course, always follow any specific manufacturer care tips. They know those particular flowers best for maximum longevity.


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The scent of Forever Roses

During the preservation process, forever roses lose their natural scent. However, some producers may add artificial scents to their roses, allowing you to enjoy a subtle fragrance along with their visual splendor.

Types of Forever Roses

Forever roses are available in a diverse range of finishes, trims, packaging, and colors, catering to various preferences and occasions.

Fully Dipped Roses

These roses are fully dipped and plated in pure silver, platinum, or 24K gold, creating a truly opulent display. Fully dipped roses are often gifted for significant events and can be found in the following finishes:

  • Gold Finished Roses
  • Silver Finished Roses
  • Platinum Finished Roses

Trimmed Forever Roses

Trimmed roses feature petal edges plated in silver, gold, or platinum, while the rest of the rose retains its original color. These roses can be further customized with intricate designs and details, and their stems and leaves can be left natural or trimmed as desired.

Crystal Beaded Roses

Crystal beaded roses are rare, niche products that involve painstakingly adorning each petal with crystals in desired colors and designs by hand. These custom creations are among the most expensive varieties of forever roses.

Packaging of Forever Roses



Forever roses are available in a variety of elegant packaging and arrangements beyond traditional vases or bouquet wrappings:

  • Single Stems: Individual preserved rose stems make simple yet meaningful gifts, often displayed in vases or boxes.
  • Boxes: Roses are beautifully packaged in acrylic, glass, or wood boxes in aesthetic shapes like cubes, hat boxes, or jewelry-style chests, with open or closed displays.
  • Glass Domes: Bouquet arrangements are secured under glass domes resembling snow globes, creating an airtight seal that prevents dust and enhances longevity.
  • Bouquets: Classic rose bouquet arrangements featuring multiple preserved rose blooms and complementary greens.
  • Arrangements: Forever roses are also arranged as romantically-themed gifts, such as with jewelry or candles, or as home accents like wreaths.

Size of Forever Rose Arrangements

Forever rose arrangements range from single stems to lavish displays featuring dozens of blooms, with larger arrangements typically commanding a higher price point.

Colors of Forever Roses

In addition to classic hues like red, pink, and white, forever roses are available in exotic shades such as blue or black, allowing for truly unique and personalized displays.

Other Forever Flowers

While roses are the most popular variety, other types of flowers can also be preserved through the same process, including:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Orchids
  • Peonies
  • Calla Lilies

This opens up a world of possibilities for creating stunning, long-lasting floral arrangements tailored to individual tastes and preferences.

When to Gift Forever Roses

Beyond their inherent beauty, forever roses hold symbolic meanings that make them perfect for celebrating special occasions:

Expressing Love and Romance

For romantic celebrations like anniversaries and proposals, classic red eternal roses symbolize passion and undying love. Any color conveys devotion - perfect for Valentine's Day surprises.

Honoring Friendship

Yellow forever roses represent the unbreakable bonds of friendship. They warmly express - no matter the distance or time apart - "Our connection lasts a lifetime."

Celebrating Milestones

When honoring major milestones like graduations, retirements or career achievements, give the gift of a timeless keepsake. Forever roses commemorate success and hard work with sophisticated splendor.

Unique Home Decor Accents

Beyond special events, everlasting roses elevate any space with graceful, low-maintenance decor elegance. Their versatile beauty complements both modern and traditional interior design styles seamlessly.

Wrapping Up

Forever roses are true natural wonders. With some simple care, their breathtaking beauty lasts for years - not days or weeks. These preserved blooms fuse nature's elegance with brilliant human ingenuity. Follow the easy tips in this guide, and your luxurious eternal roses will retain that freshly unfurled, vibrant allure season after season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take preserved roses out of the box?

You'll want to leave your luxurious forever roses in their original containers. The protective packaging helps preserve their pristine beauty. If you do choose to remove them, handle with extreme care and follow all manufacturer guidelines to ensure longevity.

Are forever roses real?

Absolutely! Forever roses start as fresh, genuine rose flowers at peak bloom. They then go through a special preservation process to let you enjoy their authentic softness, color, and beauty indefinitely.

How long do forever roses last?

With basic care, you can expect one to three years of splendor from your everlasting roses on average. But many bouquets retain their just-picked perfection for four or even five years! Proper display is key to maximum vase life.

How to keep roses alive forever?

For fresh rose blooms, that vibrant peak lasts mere days. Eternal preserved roses, however, undergo an innovative process replacing internal moisture to maintain just-unfurled luxurious looks for years with the right care.