The Best Colors for Wedding Bouquets

Your wedding bouquet plays a key role in pulling together your overall look on the big day. Choosing complementary colors allows it to reflect your theme perfectly. With many stunning options, selecting shades can feel daunting. Thankfully, trending wedding colors provide inspiration.

This guide explores the best colors for wedding bouquets, and top 2024 trends, along with 28 stunning ways to incorporate them into your spring, summer, fall, or winter bouquet. By matching your bouquet to your wedding's palette, you can capture the mood and feel of your special day in full bloom.

Seasonal Wedding Bouquet Color Ideas

The exact color trends you follow could depend on the overall vibe you want for your bridal bouquet or wedding. Let's look at stunning ways to incorporate these unique, trendy color palettes into your wedding bouquet each season.

Spring Wedding Bouquet Colors


When flowers bloom and trees blossom with new life, romance is in the air during spring. Romantic and trendy color combos that could heighten your bridal look this season include:

  • Lilac and Gold: For a bouquet fit for a royal wedding, consider rich purple tones like lilac paired with delicate golden accents. This regal combination captures the whimsical spirit of springtime while providing a hint of bold color.
  • Garden Blush: Sweet, soft pinks are abundant in the spring landscape – lucky for you since pink is also a 2024 color trend. This whimsical bouquet combines shades of gentle blush pink with white accent flowers and lush, light greenery for a Garden party vibe.
  • Dusty Rose and Mauve: Dusty Rose is a favorite neutral pink that captures 2024's trend toward pink shades without overwhelming your overall look. This dusty rose, and mauve bouquet creates a passionate yet vintage effect with rich textural interest.
  • Passionate Pink & Blush: This vibrant pink bouquet is perfect for going full Barbie. The vibrant pink roses and dahlias command attention, while blush-tinted florals create a softer gradient.
  • Valentine Magenta: Consider blending Magenta with neutral shades for a playful take on bold pink. In this Valentine-inspired bouquet, Magenta roses capture rich romance alongside champagne-neutral florals.
  • Dusty Rose and Cream: If you fancy a softer take on pink trends, pair dusty rose with lighter pinks and cream tones. This romantic design blends subtle yet stunning pink tones for a feminine touch.
  • Romantic Marsala: If your wedding occurs on the border of winter and spring, deep and rich marsala tones could bridge the gap between seasons while honoring the trend toward rich tones.

Summer Wedding Bouquet Colors


A season of wild beauty in full bloom, summer is perfect for beach weddings and adventures with your partner. Summary color combos that could elevate your bouquet include:

  • Navy Blue: If you're staging a summer wedding by the ocean or a sparkling blue lake, navy tones could help capture those refreshing water vibes. This bridal bouquet in noble navy blue with white accents is gorgeous for waterside weddings.
  • Dusty Blue and Navy: Do you love navy but want something softer? Try a bouquet that balances bold navy with dusty blue, offering a unique gradient between blue and white for a cool, refreshing look.
  • Dusty Rose and Navy: The Navy can also make a crisp, trendy accent alongside other shades like dusty rose. Dusty pink roses form the main body in this bouquet, while pops of navy add a dazzling cool accent.
  • Peaches and Sunflower: Do you love homemade peach cobbler on summer nights? This whimsical peach bouquet with sunflower accents is perfect, providing a fun way to play with neutral and earthy shades.
  • Pearl & Blush Pink: For a mermaid-inspired look, consider incorporating shimmery accents into your blush pink bouquet, like pearls or luminous ribbon, for a touch of pearlescence.
  • Lemonade Yellow: If you want a bouquet that matches your radiant summer glow, this Lemonade Yellow option with bright yellow flowers swirling together like a lemony sorbet is a must-have.

Fall Wedding Bouquet Colors


As the world becomes an explosion of color, autumn provides a beautiful opportunity to experiment with warm and vibrant shades. Trendy color combinations to consider include:

  • Scarlett & Orange: This color palette takes full advantage of the trend towards bold colors with bright and passionate Scarlett paired with rich orange and neutral brown tones. The wildflower accents and dry leaves evoke the feeling of a fall meadow.
  • Rust and Sepia: Fond of the more dusky shades of late fall? This rustic bouquet in shades of rust and sepia celebrates 2024's neutral tones, with elegant pampas grass adding vintage-inspired texture.
  • Sunset Terracotta: Summon the gorgeous beauty of a romantic sunset or autumn forest with this terracotta bouquet. The rich terracotta roses and dahlias range from bold to soft neutral shades, creating a warm gradient.
  • Lavender & Orange: Don't associate soft purple florals like lavender just with spring. This elegant bouquet pairs lavender orchids with autumnal orange roses for a unique seasonal blend.
  • Dark Teal and Burnt Orange: For refreshing autumn vibes, consider pairing a warmer shade like burnt orange with a sophisticated cool color like dark teal. The matching ribbons cascade together like falling leaves.
  • Orange & Denim: Try combining orange with a softer blue shade like denim for a brighter complementary palette. Bold orange dahlias shine alongside complementary blue blooms in this striking design.
  • Orange and Black: If you love Halloween, this spectacular orange bridal bouquet combines dramatic black roses with pops of pumpkin orange and burgundy accents for a moody, mystical vibe.
  • Orange & Twilight Purple: Even moodier than Black & Orange, try adding twilight purple into the mix! This Halloween-inspired bouquet evokes magic and mystery with dusky purple flowers alongside bold orange accents.

Winter Wedding Bouquet Colors


The world hibernates in winter, but sparkling snow provides the perfect backdrop for cuddling by the fire indoors. Trendy color combos for winter bridal bouquets include:

  • Burgundy and Navy: For a bouquet that helps you shine like a radiant jewel, this luxurious design features deep burgundy and navy blue jewel tones to bring warmth to your winter look.
  • Burgundy and White: If you want a brighter way to style burgundy, pair it with crisp white tones like in this elegant cascading bouquet design that honors the transition from autumn to winter.
  • Burgundy and Dusty Rose: Combine burgundy with trendy dusty rose like in this bouquet, where burgundy orchids cascade alongside romantic roses and pearls for a Valentine's Day-inspired look.
  • Moody Burgundy & Black: This ultra-dramatic bouquet combines two bold, moody colors - Burgundy and Black - for maximum intensity, capturing old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist.
  • White and Beige: This white and beige bouquet is magnificent for a romantic winter look, pairing wintry neutral tones with soft gold accents like feathery pampas grass for an elegant kaleidoscope of shades.
  • Christmas Red: If you're planning a holiday wedding, take inspiration from your Christmas tree with this festive red bouquet featuring evergreen pine and sparkling red berries.
  • Champagne Christmas: Deep red isn't the only way to bring holiday cheer! This wintry bouquet features metallic Champagne and gold shades paired with emerald green roses and winter greenery.

Other Best Wedding Bouquet Colors


Beyond seasonal palettes, the following hues continually capture brides' hearts for wedding bouquets throughout the year:

  • Vibrant shades of coral, fuchsia, purple, and turquoise
  • Regal jewel tones like sapphire, amethyst, and emerald
  • Soft, romantic pastels like peach, mint, and powder blue
  • Metallic accents like rose gold, copper, or antique bronze
  • Neutral tones of gray, taupe, and charcoal
  • Crisp classic combinations like black and white or red and white

The options are endless when it comes to choosing stunning colors for your bridal bouquet!

An Overview of Wedding Bouquet Color Trends

Beyond just the color palette itself, several other exciting trends are emerging in the world of wedding flowers for 2024, according to the experts:

  • Wispy Florals: Inspired by wildflowers and untamed gardens, this style features loose, airy bouquets and arrangements with flowers like poppies, ranunculus, and cosmos with spindly stems and minimal filler.
  • Bright & Boldly Colored Blooms: Put the pastels on hold because 2024 is all about saturated, eye-catching blooms that make a statement in pink, green, and bold blue tones.
  • High-Impact Floral Installations: Think beyond basic bouquets and centerpieces - weddings in 2024 feature high-drama floral scenes and installations acting as focal points like entryway halos or flower-covered cake tables.
  • Long-Stemmed Designs: These flower arrangements give an effortless, just-picked vibe with towering long-stemmed flowers and very little greenery for a simplified yet impactful look.
  • Minimal Greenery: Speaking of greenery, it takes a backseat in 2024 as the focus shifts to bouquets and centerpieces featuring statement blooms in bold color palettes as the true stars.

Important Factors in Choosing the Wedding Bouquet Colors


With so many stunning color palettes and floral trends, how do you select the best hues for your wedding bouquet?
Here are some key factors to consider:

Consider the Season

While any color palette can be used anytime, some combinations are better suited to particular seasons as nature inspires - like rich burgundies for winter or vibrant corals evoking summer warmth.

What Vibe Do You Want?

Your wedding colors greatly influence the mood and vibe of your celebration. Soft neutral hues cultivate timeless elegance, bold jewel tones convey regality, and bright, playful shades spark a lively, fun atmosphere.

Consider the Venue

Select colors that complement rather than conflict with your wedding venue's decor. You can accentuate particular hues from the venue within your floral design.

What Colors Do You Like?

Most importantly, select hues that you naturally gravitate towards and enjoy surrounding yourself with regularly - shades that authentically reflect who you are will likely be what you fondly remember with smiles decades later.

Don't Go Too Colorful

While bright colors are beautiful, too much can be visually overwhelming. Balance vibrant shades with more neutral, muted tones to provide visual resting points for your eyes.

Don't Follow the Herd

While color trends can inspire, don't feel bound to strictly adopt them if they don't align with your authentic preferences. Focus first and foremost on hues that you genuinely love.

Don't Overthink It

Rather than fretting over ensuring a perfect color match in all areas, consider selecting one predominant color family or palette that can achieve a polished yet easy effect.

Consider the Wedding Party Attire

While your bouquet need not be an exact replica of the bridesmaids' dresses or groomsmen's suits, selecting coordinating colors will create unified harmony across your aesthetic. A bouquet comprised of clashing shades could appear visually jarring when photographed alongside the wedding party's attire.

Final Words

In conclusion, your wedding bouquet takes center stage in establishing the aesthetic and mood of your big day. Choosing the right color palette allows it to perfectly complement your look and reflect your personality as well as the magic of your wedding season.
Select colors that inspire joy, but feel empowered to impart your own creative touch. While trends provide inspiration, the most essential thing is picking hues that speak to your heart. With a palette that genuinely resonates with you, your bouquet will undoubtedly become a treasured reminder for years to come.

The Best Colors for Wedding Bouquets FAQs

How many colors per bouquet?
For cohesion, florists suggest 3-5 main shades plus accent colors. Too many look busy.
Do bridesmaid bouquets match the bride's exactly?
While coordinating, bridesmaid designs are often simpler, with a toned-down palette complementing the bride's.
How do bouquet colors blend with wedding details?
Consult your florist, providing linen and décor swatches to ensure harmony from ceremony to reception.
Are there any colors to strictly avoid?
No absolute rules, as beauty lies with you. However, neons, brown/mustard tones, and overly bright primaries can be divisive or poorly photographed. But love is what matters most.