Velvet Rouge Bouq
Velvet Rouge Bouq

Velvet Rouge Bouq

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Introducing the Velvet Rouge Bouq, an exquisite ensemble of seasonal splendor that brings the rich beauty of velvet and the vibrant hues of the holiday season to life. This carefully crafted bouquet combines the elegance of tulips with festive accents, including ilex, green skimmia, ruscus, and enchanting Christmas décor, creating a floral masterpiece that radiates warmth and sophistication.

Flowers: Immerse yourself in the opulence of the Velvet Rouge Bouq, featuring a captivating selection of blooms and accents:

  1. Tulips: The focal point of this magnificent bouquet, tulips infuse the arrangement with their vibrant colors, creating a stunning visual impact.

  2. Ilex: Vibrant red berries of ilex add a touch of festivity, complementing the tulips and enhancing the overall richness of the bouquet.

  3. Green Skimmia: Green skimmia contributes a lush and verdant element, adding freshness and a sense of vitality to the Velvet Rouge Bouq.

  4. Ruscus: Ruscus leaves provide an elegant backdrop, infusing the bouquet with sophistication and a touch of refinement.

  5. Christmas Décor: Charming Christmas décor accents bring a festive and magical element to the bouquet, evoking the joyous spirit of the holiday season.

Sizes: Choose the perfect size for your occasion and bask in the Velvet Rouge Bouq experience:

  1. Le Medium - 12 - 15 Stems: This medium-sized bouquet is ideal for creating an intimate centerpiece or gifting a thoughtfully arranged bouquet that exudes warmth and elegance.

  2. Le Grand - 18 - 22 Stems: Make a grand statement with the larger Le Grand option, perfect for adorning larger spaces or serving as a stunning focal point at special events.

  3. Le Maxi - 25 - 30 Stems: Elevate your floral experience with the Le Maxi option, featuring an abundance of blooms for a lavish and impactful display.

  4. Le Luxi - 35 - 40 Stems: For the ultimate expression of luxury, choose the Le Luxi option, a generous bouquet that captivates attention and transforms any space into a haven of seasonal beauty.

Indulge in the Velvet Rouge Bouq, where the lushness of tulips meets the enchantment of the holiday season. Whether adorning your own space or expressing warm wishes to someone special, this bouquet is a celebration of sophistication and festive joy that captures the essence of the season.

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