Starlight Rouge Vase
Starlight Rouge Vase

Starlight Rouge Vase

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Introducing the Starlight Rouge Vase, a captivating fusion of botanical beauty presented in a chic ceramic vessel. This elegant arrangement features a curated selection of protea, green skimmia, cypress, ilex, and the luxurious touch of ribbon velvet. Elevate your space with this single-size arrangement, carefully designed to include 8 to 11 stems, perfectly complemented by the contemporary allure of the ceramic vase.

Flowers: Embark on a celestial journey through the Starlight Rouge Vase, where each bloom contributes to the enchanting composition:

  1. Protea: The protea takes center stage, showcasing its exotic allure and distinctive form, symbolizing strength and transformation.

  2. Green Skimmia: Green skimmia introduces lushness and vibrancy, providing a harmonious backdrop that enhances the overall botanical elegance.

  3. Cypress: Cypress branches bring a touch of grace and height, reminiscent of starlit trees reaching toward the night sky.

  4. Ilex: Vibrant red ilex berries add a festive pop of color, infusing the arrangement with joy and seasonal charm.

  5. Ribbon Velvet: Luxurious ribbon velvet details elegantly wrap the blooms, adding a layer of opulence and sophistication to the overall design.

Size: Immerse yourself in the magic of the Starlight Rouge Vase, available in a single size featuring 8 to 11 carefully curated stems. This size is perfect for creating a refined standalone centerpiece, transforming any space into a haven of botanical enchantment.

Ceramic Vase: The contemporary ceramic vase serves as the perfect complement to the floral arrangement, adding a touch of modern sophistication to the overall presentation.

Experience the allure of the Starlight Rouge Vase, where botanical grace meets contemporary elegance. Whether adorning your own living space or presented as a thoughtful gift, this vase is a celebration of curated beauty and the timeless charm of starlit nights.

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