Snowy Chateau Bouq
Snowy Chateau Bouq

Snowy Chateau Bouq

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Introducing the Snowy Chateau Bouq, a delightful fusion of winter's elegance and seasonal whimsy. This carefully curated bouquet captures the serene beauty of a snow-covered chateau, featuring nobilis, red ilex, cotton sticks, cypress green, and the playful addition of dry lemon slices. Transform any space into a winter wonderland with this charming arrangement.

Flowers: Embark on a journey through the Snowy Chateau Bouq, where each element contributes to the enchanting winter aesthetic:

  1. Nobilis: Aromatic nobilis branches bring the crisp scent of winter, adding a touch of evergreen freshness to the bouquet.

  2. Red Ilex: The vibrant red berries of ilex provide a festive burst of color, creating a delightful contrast against the wintry greens.

  3. Cotton Stick: Soft and delicate cotton sticks evoke the cozy ambiance of a snowy landscape, adding a charming and textural element.

  4. Cypress Green: Cypress green branches contribute a touch of elegance, enhancing the overall wintry appeal of the bouquet.

  5. Dry Lemon Slice: Playful and unexpected, dry lemon slices bring a citrusy fragrance and visual interest, adding a whimsical touch to the arrangement.

Sizes: Select the perfect size for your occasion and immerse yourself in the Snowy Chateau Bouq experience:

  1. Le Medium - 12 - 15 Stems: This medium-sized bouquet is ideal for creating an intimate winter centerpiece or gifting a charming arrangement with a carefully curated selection of stems.

  2. Le Grand - 18 - 22 Stems: Make a grand statement with the larger Le Grand Bouq, perfect for adorning larger spaces or serving as a focal point at festive gatherings.

  3. Le Maxi - 25 - 30 Stems: Elevate your winter decor with the Le Maxi Bouq, featuring an abundance of winter blooms and accents for a truly enchanting display.

  4. Le Luxi - 35 - 40 Stems: For the ultimate expression of winter elegance, choose the Le Luxi Bouq, a generous arrangement that captivates attention and transforms any space into a snowy chateau retreat.

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Snowy Chateau Bouq, where winter's beauty is elegantly bundled in a delightful bouquet. Whether gracing your own space or enchanting someone special, this arrangement is a celebration of seasonal joy and the serene allure of a snow-kissed chateau.

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