Halloween Treats Assortment
Halloween Treats Assortment
Halloween Treats Assortment
Halloween Treats Assortment

Halloween Treats Assortment

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"Embrace the enchantment of the night with Grace's 'Halloween Hamper with Skull Chocolate Box,' an eerie yet elegant blend of mystical blooms and delectable treats. This hauntingly beautiful arrangement features:

  • White Rose: A symbol of purity and light, casting a ghostly glow amidst the shadows.
  • Hydrangea White: Ethereal, cloud-like blooms, invoking the spirit of ghostly apparitions, perfect for the season's ambiance.
  • Leather Fern: Graceful fronds that add an element of mystery, reminiscent of enchanted forest foliage.
  • Orchids White: Delicate, ghostly blooms symbolizing rare beauty and elegance.
  • Dried Ruscus: Twisted tendrils enhancing the arrangement's bewitching allure, adding texture and depth.
  • Salix Sticks: Twisted branches evoking a spooky forest vibe, creating an eerie visual spectacle.
  • Dried Limonium: Ethereal dried blooms adding a touch of delicate texture and an otherworldly charm.
  • Dried Eucalyptus: Fragrant foliage, invoking a sense of tranquility and enchantment, perfect for Halloween's mystical ambiance.
  • Amaranthus Hanging: Cascading, blood-red tendrils adding a dramatic, vampiric touch to the arrangement.

In our meticulously crafted Single Size arrangement (12-15 Stems), every element is thoughtfully placed, creating an atmospheric masterpiece.

Accompanying this bewitching bouquet is our exclusive 'Skull Chocolate Box,' a sinfully indulgent assortment of chocolates shaped like macabre skulls, each bite a thrilling adventure for the senses.

Grace's 'Halloween Hamper with Skull Chocolate Box' is not just a gift; it's an experience, a perfect fusion of mystery, beauty, and decadence. Let Grace weave a spell of enchantment into your Halloween celebrations, where elegance meets the supernatural." 🎃🍫🌸

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