Frosty Elegance Bouq
Frosty Elegance Bouq

Frosty Elegance Bouq

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Presenting the Frosty Elegance Bouq, a breathtaking floral arrangement that captures the essence of winter's charm with a touch of sophistication. Each element, carefully curated, brings together the pure beauty of white roses, the grace of delphinium, and the festive allure of holiday accents to create a bouquet that radiates elegance.

Flowers: Experience the enchantment of the Frosty Elegance Bouq, featuring a stunning array of flowers and accents:

  1. White Rose: Symbolizing purity and grace, the white roses in this bouquet add a timeless touch of elegance.

  2. Delphinium: Delphinium's tall and majestic spikes contribute a sense of height and beauty, creating a captivating visual impact.

  3. Ilex: Embrace the festive spirit with the vibrant red berries of ilex, adding a pop of color to the wintry palette.

  4. Brunia: The delicate silver-gray tones of brunia bring a subtle yet sophisticated element to the arrangement.

  5. Nobilis: With its aromatic foliage, nobilis adds a hint of evergreen freshness, evoking the essence of winter.

  6. Palm Leaves (dry) and Ilex (dry): Dried palm leaves and ilex add texture and a sense of preserved beauty, enhancing the bouquet's longevity.

  7. Cypress: Cypress branches contribute a touch of greenery, complementing the winter theme with a natural and festive feel.

  8. Christmas Balls: The inclusion of festive Christmas balls adds a playful and celebratory element to the bouquet.

Sizes: Select the perfect size for your occasion and immerse yourself in the Frosty Elegance Bouq experience:

  1. Le Medium - 12 - 15 Stems: This medium-sized bouquet is perfect for creating an elegant centerpiece or a thoughtful gift with a generous number of stems.

  2. Le Grand - 18 - 22 Stems: Make a grand statement with this larger bouquet, ideal for adding a touch of frosty elegance to larger spaces or special occasions.

  3. Le Maxi - 25 - 30 Stems: Elevate your floral experience with the Le Maxi option, featuring an abundance of blooms for a truly luxurious and impactful display.

  4. Le Luxi - 35 - 40 Stems: For the ultimate expression of opulence, choose the Le Luxi option, a lavish arrangement that exudes sophistication and style.

Indulge in the Frosty Elegance Bouq, where winter's beauty meets floral artistry, creating a stunning arrangement that transforms any space into a winter wonderland. Whether it's a centerpiece for your holiday table or a heartfelt gift, this bouquet brings a touch of frosty elegance to every moment.

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