Sending A Bouquet of Roses? Here’s What Their Color Mean


Roses hold a sentimental value. They’re considered the perfect choice of flowers for individuals who want to express their love, and also for those who’re being empathetic. They are the most universally loved flowers and for good reason! They’re not only beautiful and fragrant but also have the ability to represent a range of feelings and sentiments.

While red roses are the most well-known and appreciated ones, plenty of other colors representdifferent emotions. So, if you’re sending a bouquet of flowers to someone and have a special and particular reason behind it, it’s essential that you know their meaning.

Here’s a comprehensive list of rose colors and what they mean.

The Red Rose

The red rose is a universal representative of true love and affection. The red rose has appeared throughout history and is still seen as one of the most sought-after flowers ever. Its value increases two folds on occasions like Valentine’s day and anniversaries. The vibrant red color is enough to tell that special someone ‘I love you’ even when you are finding it a little difficult to say the words out loud.

Event:Have a friend who you’re starting to develop feelings for? Can’t buck up the confidence to tell them about your feelings verbally? Let a single red rose or bouquet of roses do the job! If you happen to live in the UAE,you can find a flower shop Dubai that can deliver the roses to that special someone.

The Yellow Rose

The yellow color is thought to be one thatis lively, happy, and joyful. It is associated with things like the sun which makes things bright. This is why the yellow rose represents happiness and joy. A bouquet of yellow or combination of roses will cheer up the receiver and give them a calming message. The yellow rose is sometimes also called the friendship rose. So, if you feel like befriending someone but think approaching them with a friend request may be a little difficult, present them with a single rose.

Event:Visiting someone at the hospital? Is the flower shop out of combination bouquets? No problem! Just order yellow roses, andyou’ll be good to go. Yellow roses are good as a getwell soon, good luck, and send a message of platonic love.

The White Rose

While the white rose was traditionally a symbol of true love a few centuries ago, its position was later replaced with the red rose, which became the hallmark of love and romance. Now, the white color of the rose is considered as innocence and purity. Sometimes also called the bridal rose, the white rose goes perfectly with the bride’s white colored dress. Because of its association with weddings, it also represents unity, virgin love, and virtue.

Event:Ideally, the white rose should be mixed with others to give off a look of sophistication and contentment. If, however,you want to send out a message of deep love and devotion, a single white rose would do as well.

The Purple Rose

Deep purple roses, often mistakenly thought to be black roses, are rare. They represent value, integrity,androyalty. The lavender rose can also show unconscious beauty and virtue. If you’re a long way into your relationship and are bored of red roses, you can switch things a little to include either a combination of purple, red, and white roses, or get a single purplerose instead.

Event:The purple rose is ideal for any situation. You can give it on anniversaries, birthdays, or any other occasion. However, it’d be best if you combine them with other colors of roses since they can look a little overwhelming if given as a bouquet.

The Deep Blue Rose

The deep blue rose represents something which is impossible or even unattainable. Because the blue rose is rare itself, it symbolizes something which is not within one’s grasp or is a challenge to achieve. In reality, the blue rose is thought to be admired as the statusof an unrealized dream. For some people, the blue rose also represents their innermostlove at first sight feelings.

Event:A single or bouquet of blue roses would be ideal for birthdays, journeys, and other such events when a particular shade of rose is not suitable. However, much like the purple rose, the blue rose is best when it is combined with other colors. If you’re growing to a baby shower, you can also take a bouquet of light blue roses if it’s a boy.

Remember, there are many other colors of roses such as crème, pink, orange, and peach, which showcase different meanings.

Now that you have a good idea about the colors of roses and what they representlet’s move forward and look at the ways you can pick out the best, and freshest ones.

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