Don't know what to get for her birthday? We have a few suggestions.

Choosing the perfect birthday gift is not an easy task. It needs to be personal, high quality, and memorable. You want it to be something that the special woman in your life sincerely wished for and will treasure for a long time. Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, or friend, we have some fail-proof gift ideas that will work for any type of woman.

Jewelry.This is a beloved option that can also be customized to be highly personal. It can be as simple as choosing a birthstone piece. To take it a step further you could add charms of her favorite things or a personal engravement. Jewelry is great because although it’s small, it carries a lot of meaning. Your gift might be something she wears every day! We highly recommend you to check out Ralph Masri collection.

Infinity Roses.Flowers are a popular birthday gift, but the best way to make them unique is by choosing infinity roses. You can tailor-make a bouquet for the birthday girl by choosing roses in her favorite color(s) and even adding a personalized message! Plus, this bouquet will last up to her next birthday and perhaps beyond. BLACK AND BLANC has a great collection of Infinity Roses that you can check out.


Clothing. This can be a tricky one, but when done right it’s an excellent choice. Stick to simple, classic items in high quality fabrics. No matter how well you know the birthday girl, it’s best to avoid anything printed (unless you specifically know she loves the print). Also avoid fitted items like dresses, skirts, jeans, and trousers - even if you think you know her size every brand is a bit different. So what are you left with? Look for sweaters or tops that have versatile fits. Choose soft, luxurious fabrics like cashmere or merino wool that will last for a long time. Blends are perfectly fine if you’re on a budget; many brands are starting to offer affordable options.

Event Tickets. Make her birthday unforgettable with tickets to an incredible event. If it doesn’t actually fall on her birthday, you’ll be giving her something to look forward to. If she’s a music lover, look for concerts of her favorite musicians/bands. If she’s a theatre buff, choose a play or ballet. This is also a great gift for you as it will give you quality time with the birthday girl. We recommend checking our Ticket Master website for an idea of upcoming events. 


Remember, the goal of a birthday gift is to make the person feel extra loved and special. The right gift will show her just how much you care.