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On a glorious spring morning of 1978, a girl was born in the beautiful French town of Fontainebleau just an hour's drive south of Paris. She was christened as Laverna, which meant “born in the spring “ and grew up in a small apartment above her mother’s dress shop in Rue Grande.
Across the street, in the Rue Du Sergent Perrier was her father’s flower shop which has been recently inherited from her Italian grandmother.

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Laverna was surrounded by textiles and flowers all her life. From the fresh bouquet of flowers at their dinner table in the morning to the small pincushion at her mother’s dress shop, Laverna was initiated into the world of fashion and the language of flowers at a very tender age.

Silk & Roses


beautiful Paris

She fascinatingly watched her mother delicately handle each roll of silk, satin, and chiffon and skillfully turn into bespoke creations. And if she had been obedient enough, her mother would take her with her to Paris, backstage behind the runway. She was a child back then, but all the glitter and the blinding lights and glamour of the runway stayed within her tiny little heart up to this day.

After school, Laverna always went straight to her father’s flower shop. The scent of fresh flowers was so enchanting, and it never left her father’s hand all throughout his life. Its magic followed him everywhere- the faint smell of roses. “Mon cœur, un jour ce sera tout à toi!- My heart, someday this will all be yours” This was what her father would always say. In her innocent little mind, Laverna was excited to learn the magic spell that made her father smelled like roses.

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with a billion dreams

The 1990s was an exciting era to grow up in, the fashion industry in Paris was thriving and so Laverna decided to move there and study at IFA. With a degree in Fashion Marketing, she fought tooth and nail to get an internship at Vogue Paris. Needless to say, after 6 months, she finally had the opportunity to be called in for an interview. Fortunately enough, Laverna knew her Hubert De Givenchy, Coco Chanel, Thierry Mugler, and Pierre Balmain.

She reached out to the intern coordinator and asked to be assigned in marketing and started her internship in 2001 under the editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld. Laverna was lucky enough to have the best 4 weeks of her life. She was then offered a job in the marketing department. She was 23, and was working at Vogue- what else could she ever ask for?

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Blanc & Blanc

At 25, Laverna had a vision, just like her icon, Coco Chanel-Coco’s story was inspiring, from being an orphan to becoming the founder of one of the world’s leading names in the Fashion Industry. Just like her, Laverna wanted to be ahead of her time.

Her fervor for fashion and passion for roses was the foundation of her brainchild- Black and Blanc. The idea was conceived one bright spring morning at her father’s shop. By then he had passed unto Laverna, his atelier. She had the keys to his humble flower shop in the Rue Du Sergent Perrier. It was up to Laverna to lead his legacy.

Black and blank owner
Black and blank shop in paris



a legacy

Her father was much loved by the community in Fontainebleau, he had been part of everyone’s story. His roses were there from a gentleman’s first date, someone’s wedding proposal, at the honeymoon, anniversaries, birthdays, christening and more. Like him, Laverna also wanted to be part of someone’s story.

From black roses to white roses, and every color in between, she aimed to be part of someone’s story. Each rose at Black and Blanc had a story to tell- from christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, to funerals. And these stories lived long with Black and Blanc’s eternal roses.

And the small shop in Rue Du Sergent Perrier made it to Paris, The United States, and Dubai. Today, her passion still lives on as she carries her father’s legacy.



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